It is a Belgian Malinois life shirt of exploiting women. What is the need for an aluminium producing company to tell it’s women employees to dress skirts or other dress to show their body curves skin, Can guys get in on that? I’ll wear makeup and a skirt for a little extra cash. How much $ are we talking about? Attraction in the is completely discredited. We can do and anti-abortion all day, but we can’t be normal about what is attractive. Good, God! Those were declared illegal decades ago because of the horrific damage they can inflict! Why is our nation marching backwards look at all?

Belgian Malinois life shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Belgian Malinois life Sweater
Belgian Malinois life Tank top
Tank top

The shocked and negative comments, it’s. Half the pop carries guns the other half have one in the glove compartment! Pretty sure this won’t get out of hand. Carry around brass knuckles? If I lived in Texas, I’d carry a gun. That Belgian Malinois life shirt is worse than bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Belgian Malinois life Hoodie

Wish I could move there The best way to defend oneself is to ignore someone’s anger, frustration ego. If one can bear the Belgian Malinois life shirt of letting someone at the beginning of every chaos don’t exchange words. I don’t think one needs to be equipped with weapons to defend oneself.


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