I’m thinking he will get his death penalty from the other prisoners in prison once the Dracarys Chibi shirt that he did to that sweet little girl. RIP little angel, You’re in God’s hands now will never understand this. My five-year-old nephew is the best part of my life. I’d do anything for him. I will never understand how anyone could have it in them to harm a child. Heartbreaking. I know it sounds cold, but if even a beloved family member needs to spend the night, as I think was in this case. And you know, they ain’t right. Just say no I can’t take the world anymore. Look at that smile! How could anyone do such a thing?

Dracarys Chibi shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Dracarys Chibi Sweater
Dracarys Chibi Tank top
Tank top

I just can’t with society anymore. What could she have possibly done to deserve that? They should’ve never taken the Dracarys Chibi shirt of a table. If he prays, he’d better start praying he gets solitary confinement. But I hope nobody hears him. I have a strong feeling he was probably molesting her most of her life.

Dracarys Chibi Hoodie

She got too old started talking too much and that’s his motive was the  Dracarys Chibi shirt of people. Because of him, there is so much racism in and his ugly wife continued that fools propaganda and spread so much hate in the world was doing great when thugs were supposed to work only as servants.


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