I racked my brains and I still don’t understand that Miami miracle 34 33 shirt of killing a small child maybe I’m just not twisted and I can’t imagine going there but I just don’t understand this I’m not a fan of the death penalty, but I do make exceptions in cases like this and it’s a disgrace that they took the death penalty off the table. This guy is obviously unhinged and I would imagine his sister knew he was not stable. She should have let him around her family. Sweet, you will know no more pain and can now rest eternally. It’s always the closest ones from you that.

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You have to be the Miami miracle 34 33 shirt of, unfortunately, this is horrific.No words. All children deserve love and protection not murdered and thrown away like garbage. When will this end stop murdering our children but whoso shall offend one of these little one’s children who believe in me.

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It was better for him that a millstone was hanged about his neck, and that he was drowned in the Miami miracle 34 33 shirt of the sea? Tired to read this kind of article, tired to write RIP for infants, the devil is a liar. Give life sentence to that crap. I should have never read this article, can’t imagine how he killed her. Little angel, may your soul rest in paradise.


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