I think we should all forget about this one silly girl who made one terrible decision it’s over and done with stop posting about her – or I will post all my memes about her in yours. The parent’s responsibility comes first! It’s your child, why did you not look out for her? I think the father was an absentee for most of the part from the family So the children that what groomed up North by the grooming gangs where were the parents or guardians stopping that happening if that RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 shirt is what. She had a choice to say this but she didn’t she supports Islamic state and went to them sorry not interested.

RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 Sweater
RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 Tank top
Tank top

The majority here seem to think should have happened here. Any parent of a teenager knows that RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 shirt then secrets and she was no different. Her demonisation by the media and a lot of the general public in this country is pure because of the ideology she ended up following some not all but some of.

RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 Hoodie

The commenters on here maybe read up safeguarding radicalisation’ then maybe comment afterwards with a more educated opinion It’s her parents failed to do the right thing here, not the RIP Gabriel Diniz 1990 2019 shirt of the state. Easy cop out to blame everyone but themselves.


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