Lydia dropped the gun and Snoopy happy Turkey day shirt. I am 5 9′ and looking through that window it’s at my breast level. Denise Finelli I was on that ship, several of the windows are opened just like other ship I’ve been on. He was holding her on a nearby railing close to the window and something caused him to drop her. The CNN article sounded like they walked in their private room and the baby fell out a window that was already opened. If you watch this video it’s the windows behind the people sitting and lounging at :30. If the grandfather did not lift up the child, to the window, she would have been alive today.

Snoopy happy Turkey day shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Snoopy happy Turkey day Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Snoopy happy Turkey day Hoodie
Snoopy happy Turkey day LongSleeve
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The bullet had Snoopy happy Turkey day shirt. I don’t see any photos or see anything stating it was a high window in the article. He was wrong in putting her up there and wanted to place blame on others. Wait, isn’t it the boat’s responsibility to have child window guards (just like a landlord needs to install). Or do I have to copy and paste over and over before you followers grasp. Her body wasn’t even cold yet and they already had a lawyer with a price on her death. The little angel is gone.

Fit & style

  • Girls’ raccoon tee brings fun flair to her day
  • Breathable fabric keeps her cool and comfy
  • Pairs with a variety of bottoms for versatile casualwear options
  • Raccoon-print T-shirt layers under jackets or hoodies to take on chilly weather


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